Prior to project implementation we try find out as much as possible: we want to examine the situation, learn about the challenges and expectations of the client. It is important because we take responsibility for the effects of employees' development. Examination of Client's situation allows us to better plan the results.

We conduct analyses at different levels, depending on the nature of the project and Client's situation:

Consulting –  we conduct in– depth interviews with management boards, team leaders and managers, taking advantage of a number of diagnostic tools. We identify actual challenges, goals and problems and then prepare an optimal solution (e.g. development program) to achieve concrete business results.

  • Consultations with 4Results provide answers to key questions:
  • What is the real potential to improve efficiency?
  • What will the company gain from developing human resources in a certain direction?
  • Is the organization ready to implement the planned project?
  • What in the context of development and changes does the organization currently need, what are desirable courses of action, what is their sequence and pace?
  • What is the cause of problems in the organization? What solutions can be possibly used?
  • Do current development activities serve the company's strategy and unleash its true potential?
  • How to work with people in the face of difficult changes for the company (change management)?


Working with the board and management – we use various methods in order to examine actual readiness of the board and superiors for leading the company through substantial changes (planned projects, events, restructuring, etc.). We analyse the organization in terms of fostering desired culture –  e.g. customer orientation, management through objectives, implementation of strategic thinking, etc.

Our goal is to develop effective mechanisms so that managers could engage people and safely manage the company at the stage of implementation of strategy, changes and new development processes.


Working with HR management –  we use workshop methods, consultations and coaching. Our mission is to help HR in determining the optimal strategy for the development of human capital and to provide support at all levels:

  • specifying and implementing HR strategy,
  • translating business objectives into HR objectives and reconciling them (development of adequate development and implementation programs for people in order to achieve desired business results),
  • preparation of the expected development programs,
  • implementation of competence model in the organization,
  • implementation of other system solutions, such as the appraisal system, employee motivation system, satisfaction surveys, internal academies, etc. 


Interviews with project participants are carried out before the start of development programs in order to clarify the expectations of both, the management as well as participants and to ensure the highest quality of 4Results services.


 We combine hard aspects with soft ones 

Our approach is characterized by the ability to combine soft aspects with hard knowledge and effective tools. The advantage of 4Results is a team of experts specializing in different areas of business operations –  manufacturing, sales, business processes.

The ability to combine soft and hard aspects is used in most projects, especially if implementations go beyond one area (e.g. simultaneous implementation in production, logistics, sales or back office).

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Sławomir Błaszczak

President of the Board