We do business analyses to support enterprises to implement planned changes both on the level of strategy as well as operations.

We also support all stages of searching and creating optimum solutions for client’s situation.

We are specialized in critical points of organizations:

  • production and logistics (manufacturing, resources, flow, people),
  • sales potential (skills, teams, bonus and loyalty systems),
  • market potential (competitors, market segments, products, marketing),
  • distribution and channels (route to market),
  • innovations (potential directions for innovations to optimize results).

You can perform more effectively and faster fill orders!

We recommend business analyses for manufacturers as a special service. As the output you get recommendations how to boost productivity and effectiveness, as well as instructions to shorten your Lead Time.

Our analyses in production are solid starting points to create optimizing programs basing on like Lean Manufactiuring, QRM or TPM.

Analyse could be also a great service to verify management plans. Often we discover reasons of clients’ problems at the points that were not indicated or known by the client before analyze.

Let us meet and discover your situation!

We do business analyzis to optimize production, sales and marketing

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