Our approach of business services and processes optimization we called Positive Productivity®. We kindly invite you to the methodology website : www.positiveproductivity.eu 


Our Clients in the sector of business services operations are usually faced with 3 areas of challenges:

– How to release employees’ energy to optimize their work environment?

– What steps should be taken to achieve a sustainable cultural change?

– How to increase the amount of time and energy of employees to unlock their hidden potential?

We found that clearly there are no appropriate tools and methods that would support leaders in these challenges.


Over 40 implementations and many experiences in the business services operations sector have allowed us to create an original approach based on tools borrowed from the methodologies:

Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Performance Management


Leadership Development, Empowerment, HR Development, Change Managemet


The methodology we have developed can be expressed using 5 “S”:

Simple, Structured, Step by Step, Scalable, Sustainable


Positive Productivity® Model visualisation:


Learn more on Positive Productivity® methodology HERE.