We provide comprehensive support in change management

Most of the projects implemented by 4Results involve the introduction of specific changes in the organization (e.g. in one of areas of activity, in the structure, business model or management culture).

The biggest challenge of an organization in change management is to combine soft process with hard elements –  starting from the stage of change planning and communicating.

We offer help in several dimensions:

  • at the board level
    partnership during the creation or clarification of the change plan with emphasis on the identification of its positive and negative consequences and establishment of all measures necessary for smooth transition through the process. Our activities at the strategic support level include, among other things:
    • analysis of organization's structure
    • resources analysis
    • market analysis
    • examination of competences necessary for change implementation
    • support for the board to effectively manage change
    • support for the board and managers at the stage of change implementation; we provide, inter alia, coaching, professional sparring between partners, mentoring, strategic workshops, internal surveys, etc.
    • change plan audit, creation or co– creation of change plans, including the creation of goals map, process scenarios
    • measurement of results and the creation of the so– called points of reference (benchmark)
  • at the level of the project team
    we provide necessary assistance for the preparation and implementation of the plan in accordance with the desired scenario:
    • we help to build and reinforce necessary competences
    • we implement tools for monitoring the process of change
    • we assist the team in communicating with organization's staff
    • we help on an ongoing basis and in necessary scope by providing consulting services, coaching and mentoring
  • at the level of employees
    we primarily build readiness for changes. We develop desired attitudes, including among other things, through proper communication of changes, we provide necessary training and workshops to support the implementation of the project at all its stages.

Mechanisms are common but every change is different

Organization's approach to change is often similar: the board wants to first train the managers in the field of change management (whatever that means). Of course, developing managerial competences is worthwhile but focusing on them exclusively may not guarantee an effective change implementation. There is a need for a broader action that combines soft elements (people, skills, emotions, resistance) with hard ones (processes, plan, tools, results). Our task is to combine the soft with the hard to safely implement changes. 

We use developed, effective mechanisms for managing change in an organization and we share experience gained in a number of optimization programs. This is our core added value that we contribute in projects!

Solutions aiding change management


  • SysTeams Change simulation game
    is a 2-day event which prepares the team to build a common vision of the change process. Participants learn to anticipate typical pitfalls associated with change, to identify key aspects necessary for the success of change. The game is focused on activities which reduce resistance towards change and it also helps in dealing with frustration derived from chaos that changes bring. It is a good starting point to get to know one's reactions to change. The game is addressed to the board, managers and project team.
  • Change Management
    2-day workshop and training program for managers who want to learn about psychological mechanisms governing change. The program forges skills of strategic thinking, conscious engagement in change and open communication. Participants practice passing difficult messages, presenting arguments which engage employees, ways to deal with objections, they also learn communication methods of transition from the stage of Denial and Resistance to the stage of Attempts and Adaptation.
  • Self-management in the process of change
    1-day program for employees who are in an intense process of change. It increases flexibility and readiness for change. It facilitates the process of going through change and teaches how to support others from the position of an informal change leader. It allows one to get familiar with communication methods of going from Denial and Resistance stage to stages of Attempts and Adaptation.

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Sławomir Błaszczak

President of the Board