Why 2.0?  

Typical sales activity that can be dubbed 1.0 consist in selling what we have in offer at a given time.

Deepened sale 2.0 represents a different approach which boosts sales using customer's purchasing potential and his/her contact with the company. This approach involves the use of customer willingness to purchase a larger package and the knowledge of the customer's interests and needs, so that as a result of appropriate talk we can sell a prepared in advance package of products. Thus, properly prepared package and skilful conversation make the customer buy more than just a single solution.

In case of people working in customer service one moves from the issue presented by the customer in a phone call or personally to offering a specific solution.

This approach involves:
–  Proper offer preparation
–  Selling of this offer
–  Building relations with the customer.

The result is not only an increase in sales but also the fact that the company creates an image on the market of an organization that cares about its customers by better satisfying their needs. At the level of attitudes, this approach is about appropriate sales habits –  to sell more in every case of contact and exhibit a flexible approach to selling. E.g. Sales assistants in stores are not limited to only one shelf but they can choose right products for customers from all over the store.


Stages of the program:

  1. Diagnosis of the situation – that is, the analysis of the potential, what can be the increase of customer's sales
  2. Preparation of implementation concept tailored to customer needs
  3. Support in the implementation.

Implementation is always done in a synergistic collaboration between the responsible group from the Client's side and 4 Results consultants. Elements of the program always include: managerial training and sales training for customer advisers / consultants.

The success of Deepened Sale 2.0. program does not boil down to only holding talks with customers but what is also important is skilful management of the sales process, offer, consultants and the preparation of deepened approach across the whole organization.

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Piotr Kolmas

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