In recent years the traditional sales channel, chains and discounts have evolved significantly, both in terms of structures and shops' formats. At the same time, e– commerce has been developing dynamically. In view of these changes, the contemporary world of sales faces the challenge of optimizing processes, communication and actions. The idea is not only to adapt to changes but primarily to skilfully build one's position and use opportunities present in the new circumstances! 

We help our customers in integrating sales channels (e.g. traditional sales and sales in chains) by introducing the logic based on new principles and market rules.


In the context of the sales– integration, the main objectives of our customers include:

  • elimination of losses in expenditure in the area of sales,
  • development of an effective sales structure in the face of consolidation of recipients,
  • increase in sales volume in channels, prevention of effectiveness drops,
  • strengthening the competitive position of the organization and equipping it with tools to conduct effective market expansion.


How do we integrate sales:

We start with an audit of sales potential, which includes qualitative and quantitative analyses. We explore the challenges and problems, the structure of sales and channels, the efficiency of operations in the channels and outlays. Based on the audit results, we prepare recommendations and an optimization program. 

Then we suggest, among other things, the development and implementation of a new, effective standard adequate to the changing market reality. Its implementation is supported by tools for all levels of the sales structure. We implement specific indicators of success.

What is important in the project is the participation of employees from various levels of the sales structure and creating solutions in workshop manner –  together with the customer.


Route to Market Optimization


We support measures at the level of tactics which do not change the strategy nor operations of the sales force. We manage to limit inefficient structures by implementing the principles of responsibility and cooperation in teams, closely linked to the established goals. 

We are working on developing organizational sales culture in which employees and teams could understand and identify goals and have a sense of impact on the results achieved.


Incentive system


The added value of projects can be an effective incentive system (for employees and teams). The system supports the introduction of principles for acknowledging sales force for attaining goals and rewarding for actions that employees impact directly. 

The incentive system is effective and sustainable, because it is not imposed, but worked out and implemented together with the customer team. Such a system reinforces and solidifies structural changes of sales structure and product portfolio. Its implementation is based on pilot tests.


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