Ireneusz Biliński


I manage a team of 4Results consultants specializing in optimization and improvement of business activity of customers. I am also responsible for introducing the QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) method on the Polish market which is addressed to companies involved in the low batch, discrete production or/and custom manufacturing. I focus on the implementation of high standards of project management and continuous improvement of our offer –  methods, tools and services, in particular addressed to manufacturing companies. I get involved in projects at both, the strategic level –  co– creating solutions to specific problems, as well as at the operational level –  taking part in the key stages of implementation.

I have 15 years of experience in the areas of production, logistics and sales, with particular emphasis on organization modelling for continuous improvement of people and business processes. For 10 years I served as the director of sales and supply chain in an international corporation. I implemented Lean solutions with respect to the flow, planning system and the S & OP process. Together with Japanese consultants for 7 years I implemented Kaizen program in several factories and corporate offices around the world.

I graduated from the University of Wrocław and the Executive MBA program at the University of Warsaw and the University of Illinois. I have the following certificates: QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) and Lean / Kaizen, and I am an ICC certified coach.

I created, supervised and implemented analyses as well as optimization programs for such companies as: ABWood, Agora, Agros Nova, Alrec, Armatura (2 zakłady), Assecco, Com40, Correct, Drukarnia Ellert, FAM, Gillette, Grupa Inco Veritas (4 zakłady), Iglotex, Indykpol, Kamis Kopernik, Kreisel, LINK, Nederman, Philips, Polfa Warszawa, Porta Drzwi, Sonoko, Spomlek, Ster, Teva, Zorka i Żywiec Zdrój.