Paweł Sawicz


For 13 years we have been transforming business operations by focusing on the customer's need to achieve excellence, remove barriers and make decisions.

As a physicists engineer and a social psychologist, in practice I integrate the so called hard and soft aspects of change.

In my approach I use Quick Response Manufacturing, Business Intelligence, Coaching, Applied Psychology, Six Sigma, Lean Management, TPS, ToC, Project Management and other technologies aiding transformation.

I play a variety of roles: Director of Operations, Project Director, Strategist, Visionary, Interim Manager, Coach, PR Officer, Consultant, engineer and others.

I advised, inter alia, such companies as: Lotos, Mondelez (dawniej Kraft Foods), Spomlek, Warta Glass, Teva, Black Red White, Mago, Inco Veritas, Kreisel, Nederman, Polargos, Kaprin, Famad i innym.