Our approach for performance management and building culture of continuous improvement we called Positive Productivity. We kindly invite you to the landing page of this methodology:  www.positiveproductivity.eu


After many years of cooperation with SSC/BPO/BIFS Clients we discovered, that there are two key factors accelerating performance management and continuous improvement in organizations – Transparency and Team Habits. 

Transparency allows employees to track their results based on specific numbers. They know exactly what they allocate time to and how many steps they need to take to complete the task. They are also aware of the potential for improvements because they have a visualization of the impact of optimization on daily work.

In turn, Team Habits allow you to build shared working standards, to continually optimize the environment in which the employees work, and to experience the power of teamwork during daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities.


Please visit website of our methodology and learn more about two key pillars of Positive Productivity HERE.