Piotr Kolmas

Consultant, trainer, manager

I have been associated with 4 Results from the inception of the Company. At the beginning as a trainer and consultant in the area of managerial competence development, leadership and business efficiency.

For several years, I have been conducting projects aimed at increasing business efficiency through the development of employees. I have extensive experience in designing and implementing changes aimed at achieving measurable business results. In my work I conduct training and workshops but I also provide consulting and coaching services. I focus on both, individual work in small groups and teams as well as on large groups in the whole organization. I co– created the concept of Engaging Leadership and the proprietary method for the activation of employees called Q4 & Check.

Currently I specialize in issues related to implementation of changes and development of leadership in business organizations. I also work as an interim manager and advisor to management boards. I help in building and strengthening management teams focused on results and objectives. I support the translation of strategic objectives and the strategy itself into operational objectives and I help in equipping key personnel with appropriate skills to implement it.

New start– ups initiation is also something that I deal with. I support entrepreneurs in determining an effective business model, organization of activities, organizational structure, sales. I deal with the development of founders and prepare them to operate in a competitive market.

I also runs projects related to ownership changes. I specialize in the subject of succession. I support both, those who hand over formal leadership as well as those who assume the new role. I assist in the smooth transition through the whole process and ensuring the implementation of business objectives related to change.

I graduated from the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University. I specialized in the area of marketing and sales. I started my career in that field. As part of my duties I also deal with issues related to sales and customer service. Since my university days I have been involved in sales and customer service.

For several years I dealt with the development of Call Centers and competence development of sales and customer service professionals. I created the concept of boosting sales by taking advantage of customer's potential. In 2014 I published a book devoted to that subject and entitled "Sprzedaż pogłębiona 2.0" [Deepened sale 2.0]