We improve the sales and marketing function at the level of strategy and operations. What counts for us are primarily Your results!
    Our services include:

  • Strategic consulting in the field of sales and marketing organization
  • Building and improving sales teams, implementing incentive systems, development of competencies
  • Optimization of product portfolio, revenue streams, exploring the potential of products and market segmentation
  • Support in the field of merchandising
  • Recruiting the best sales people
  • Optimization of sales processes through the integration of sales channels
  • Support for sales leaders
  • Implementation of effective cooperation between the sales area with the area of marketing
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    We support manufacturing companies both in improving manufacturing processes and solving specific problems in the areas of production. We are distinguished by a broad, individual approach to customer challenges and the possibility to create solutions based on numerous methods and tools that are available to us. When implementing changes in the area of production, we place great emphasis on working with people.
    Our services include:

  • Optimization of production processes, analysis of production capacity and examination of manufacturing area organization
  • Strategic counselling, recommendations for improvement, preparation and implementation of changes
  • Implementation of the desired optimization methods – in terms of Lean / Six Sigma and QRM
  • Comprehensive support for the organization and implementation of the TPM program or selected TPM elements
  • Elimination / limiting sources of waste in manufacturing and logistics, optimizing the use of available resources (materials, equipment, time, work)
  • Optimization of storage space and logistics processes
  • Implementation of standards and methods of knowledge management in the production area
  • Comprehensive improvement of the organization with a focus on the implementation of quality, innovation, knowledge standards and shortening of production cycles
  • Shortening of lead time
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    The success of an organization – results, performance and competitiveness – depends primarily on people. We keep that in mind when we assist companies when important and critical moments take place as well as at the stage of business development and improvement.
    We cooperate with management boards, managers of business divisions and heads of HR on several key dimensions associated with managing people, developing them and familiarizing them with effective work principles.
    Our services include:

  • Improvement of managerial personnel and leaders, building and development of leadership and management competencies
  • Support at the level of staff development strategy – analyses and audit with respect to competences, competence models, appraisal systems; development and implementation of changes in the field of HRM
  • Design, implementation and support in change management (implementation of strategic changes in organizations)
  • Improving the efficiency of employees at all levels of the organization, development of competencies in the areas of motivation, time management, communication
  • Support in building and developing effective teams
  • Development and implementation of the internal Managerial Academies, development and training programs
  • Knowledge transfer and the development of "hard" skills in the area of sales, production and business processes organization
  • Support for leaders through methods of personal development, strategic workshops, coaching and consulting
  • Designing applications and on– line tools to support Customer's HR function
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    We improve service organizations by increasing Productivity
    and Positivity.
    Our work is based on developed know– how as well as methods and tools that have been proven in practice. Projects carried out in this area have a high return on investment (ROI) at the level of several hundred percent.
    Our services include:

  • Organization potential analysis, process and resources audit, identification of areas for improvement
  • Consultancy in the field of development / organizational culture change, preparation and implementation of change programs
  • Optimization of business and service processes (BPM), increasing effectiveness while maintaining a constant level of employment
  • Improving Productivity – focus on hard results
  • Raising Positivity – focus on working methods, standards, management styles, building value and a good atmosphere in the workplace
  • Effectiveness measuring, implementation of measures and incentive systems based on the measurement of productivity
  • Implementation of Lean Management / Six Sigma and Performance Management standards in the culture of the organization
  • Support for management boards and managers in the management and development of the organization using various methods
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Situations in which our help is requested most often:

Usually we operate in one of two scenarios:
either we respond to a specific business/organizational problem,
or we provide support in face of development– focused challenges,
in building and strengthening the organization.

Depending on the situation, we are like a "painkiller" or a "vitamin".

Sample business problems we solve:

  • Declining sales, deteriorating profitability of product sales
  • Production costs increase, wastage is on the increase in processes
  • Delivery time of products and services is not competitive
  • The organization loses market position
  • Shortages of staff competencies lower efficiency, impede effective management, etc.
  • The company suffers from inadequate organizational culture
  • Chaos in the organization reduces efficiency, atmosphere at work deteriorates
  • Organization is planning a strategic change (e.g. a merger, reorganization, reductions, implementation of new systems and work standards)

and many more ...


Examples of challenges we are willing to embrace:

  • To optimize assortment and streamline operations in different sales channels
  • To improve the efficiency of production, continue to reduce waste, speed up processes
  • To shorten the delivery time of products and services in order to strengthen the company's position in relation to its competitors
  • To effectively, optimally and continuously improve and develop managers and operational employees' competencies in established, well-thought-out directions
  • To perform an audit of organizational culture to be able to recommend appropriate action, ensure further development of the board and key employees
  • To improve internal business processes
  • To reduce risk associated with changes in the company

and many more...


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