We have unique know-how and tools that allow us to specify the following in the course of short workshops:

  • Operational Efficiency Growth Potential using an analytical tool
  • Productivity improvement potential, without dismissing employees, by means of the Optimization Opportunity Gap tool,
  • The potential for improving managerial competencies of managers based on comprehensive leadership model,
  • The strategic objectives of the organization on the Productivity / Positivity / Customer Satisfaction matrix,
  • Financial return on investment in optimization based on ROOOI tool– Return on Optimization Opportunity Investment.

We also conduct advanced and comprehensive analyses accompanied by specific calculations and recommendations and precise planning of the scope of changes.


Course of Analysis:

At the first stage of the analysis we jointly clarify client's business objectives, and then depict the current state of the company.

Using a variety of tools and methods (including HarmoDesk), we examine the effectiveness and quality of business processes and define the current level in terms of Positivity, Productivity and Client Orientation.

Data from the analysis is then compared with Client's objectives, which helps us to better understand his/her expectations.

We develop a scenario of cooperation and business optimization (in points, processes or areas). We present concrete recommendations to implement simple changes translating into tangible results (quick victory –  quick wins).

We work out a plan and schedule for comprehensive optimization measures to ensure the achievement of goals.

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