In 4Results we have developed methods thanks to which one can effectively engage managers and employees, as well as implement changes, thus creating a corporate culture of Positive Productivity® and ensuring high Customer Satisfaction.

Positivity and Productivity –  both aspects are crucial for the achievement of business results, but usually focusing on only one of them brings a decrease in the other. For organizations it is a challenge is to ensure parallel development in both directions and parallel operation in both dimensions.

How do we understand Positivity?

It is employee satisfaction, positive energy conducive to building a friendly work culture. It means proactivity, orientation on improvements, cooperation; it denotes good atmosphere and strong identification with the company. It means trust and respect that employees feel. Positivity is also a vision of organization's future shared by the management and joint energy for its realization.


How do we understand Productivity?

It is an effective, controlled work towards obtaining results and maintaining the highest level of OTIF (on time in full) –  organization works faster and cheaper while ensuring high quality and optimal flow of information and being oriented towards building customer satisfaction. High Productivity ensures adequate business profitability.


How do we understand Positive Productivity®?

It means sustainability of implemented changes that are embedded in the organizational culture. Sustainability expressed by a sense of stability and security resulting from extraordinary results. It is sustainability derived from employees' impact on the company's development.

It is satisfaction from meeting and surpassing customers' expectations. It is positive energy focused on the search for innovation and solutions to meet the changing needs of customers.



For many organizations the optimal implementation strategy is to increasingly focus on one of the selected perspectives, e.g. Positivity while at the same time implementing solutions to support Productivity. Similarly –  there are companies for whom full concentration on Productivity is the key and Positivity is a supporting element.

However, most service organizations choose the strategy of Positive Productivity®, which is a structured approach that ensures simultaneous, systematic growth and improvement of each of these dimensions.


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Krzysztof Pimpicki