The analysis indicates the level of advancement of the organization in terms of Productivity and Positivity and it also allows one to clarify the real objectives of optimization. That gives a basis for selecting the right development strategy. Depending on the situation, we propose action in one of four strategic directions:

Building Positive Productivity® –  measures which can effectively improve organizational productivity while improving Positivity. When choosing this optimization scenario we rely on the TO BE MASTERS approach.

Positivity growth, with less emphasis on productivity –  we significantly increase employee satisfaction, at the same time thinking about the improvement of selected elements which influence an increase in Productivity. When choosing this scenario we rely mainly on the Lean Yourself program.

Productivity growth with less emphasis on Positivity –  we significantly increase Productivity, while keeping in mind that as a result of these actions we should also improve some aspects influencing employee satisfaction and good atmosphere at work. When choosing this scenario, we rely primarily on the HarmoDesk tool.

Reorganization of processes –  our focus is solely on Productivity growth and we realize that as a result of these actions some Positivity indicators may deteriorate.


We operate on two levels:

  • The level of efficient operations – we optimize actions at specific points in the process and in individual processes,
  • Level of strategy and Enterprise Wide holistic perception – positive change of organizational culture, process management, managing people, processes throughout the organization, the relationships between processes.


What is your current priority – Positivity or Productivity®?

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