Most manufacturing companies face similar challenges: how to effectively increase productivity and improve production efficiency, how to optimize production cycles, eliminate waste and how to improve the logistics of the production...

Expectations have been the same for years, yet pressure increases decade after decade to be even more competitive.
In 4Results we effectively respond to these challenges, regardless of the business model and the industry in which your company operates.

We obtain hard results together with people

The biggest added value of 4Results projects is a skilful combination of hard elements (actions on processes, tools, knowledge) with soft ones (working with people: development of competence, supporting change, cooperation with employees). This is particularly important in an effort to obtain hard and long– lasting results (e.g. in production).

By combining soft and hard elements we obtain three fundamental values: effectiveness, sustainability of results, greater project safety.

We have unique experience and know-how

We can help any manufacturing company because we have access to an extensive package of methods, tools, know-how and experience.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Lean Management: optimization of the entire production area or selected processes, implementation of Lean tools, elimination of losses, development of human resources, preparation of the desired change in organizational culture, strengthening leaders (Lean Leadership), training;

  • Quick Response Manufacturing: a highly efficient and effective method for the spectacular shortening of order realization time (Lead Time);

  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance): compensates for failures and shortcomings in the production processes and minimizes the impact of unforeseen events on productivity;

  • Supply Chain (Logistics consulting) and solving complex problems –  both in supply chain as well a in flows and production processes.


Cooperation at every level:

In production optimization we adjust the level of commitment to a given Customer's situation, starting from the analyses of the organization's potential, through designing optimization strategy and ending with the implementation and staff training. What is also very important in this whole process is the logistics of production.

Our effectiveness is substantiated by implementations that brought hard, measurable results.

Ireneusz Biliński