Production analysis is a special form of service which strives to:

  • examine the current situation of the Customer,
  • determine the potential of the organization, including the directions of possible improvements
  • draw conclusions and present recommendations – measures that make it possible to obtain specific business results.

We conduct production analyses in areas, points and processes indicated by the Customer as well as in the whole organization.

When do we use production analysis?

This service is particularly recommended if there is a need to:

  • clarify the directions and opportunities for production optimization,
  • confirm recommendations for production optimization developed by the company,
  • prepare the best scenario for organization improvement and selection of appropriate methods (Lean Management, QRM, TPM) and tools,
  • identify the root causes of problems, limitations and losses in the production area,
  • increase effectiveness and improve the level of safety in the planned process of organizational change.

The analysis is an excellent reference point for customer's optimization plans. In our diagnoses we are often able to determine the causes of problems somewhere else than where the Customer originally thought they were.

We conduct production analysis based on our know– how. We use methods appropriate for the situation and the level of process complexity (interviews, measurement, monitoring, data analysis, workshops, etc.). The greatest emphasis is placed on using the experience and competence of 4Results team which is composed of experts from different areas (e.g. human capital, Lean Management, TPM).

The ultimate result of the analysis is a report containing conclusions and recommended specific measures. The analysis is often a starting point for the development and implementation of an individual production optimization program in the company, based on the methods of Lean Management, QRM or TPM.

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