We offer a full set Lean Manufacturing tools and methods, thanks to which manufacturing companies can effectively achieve desired results.

Our approach:

Depending on the nature of customer challenge, we choose Lean elements for a successful achievement of specific effects (e.g. increasing efficiency by 20% or wastage reduction by 30%).

We implement individual projects, dedicated to a particular company, precisely targeted to specific business challenges.

Attainment of goals in most cases requires implementation of change in a manufacturing plant, which means that the enterprise needs to go through the change management process. Therefore, we place huge emphasis in projects on working with people.

In projects we provide our customers with know– how, we equip their staff with necessary knowledge, tools and standards, thus increasing the guarantee of project's success. In addition to achieving hard results, we also assist in developing organizational culture which is based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

 In the Lean Manufacturing programs, we suggest the following scenario: 

  • Workshop work with the board and production managers –  to clarify expectations and preferred methods of cooperation

  • Analysis in the area of production –  diagnosis with specific recommendations

  • Development of an individual, ready program, in which we combine necessary elements of hard Lean Manufacturing with soft elements (work with people, communication, change management, support at the management and board level, training, etc.)

  • Appointment of the project team (Customer's representatives and 4Results experts)

  • Determination of the pilot area (the first stage of implementation / strong involvement of 4Results)

  • Roll-out of the project to other areas: we implement workplace standards and measures, instructions and manuals are prepared (proper implementation consists in decreasing the involvement of 4Results and increasing the involvement of the Customer)

  • Training (available for all levels of the organization) –  hard, substantive and soft, devoted to change management, team building...

  • Implementation of knowledge management standards (customer becomes independent)

Why Lean Manufacturing with 4Results?

Our main competitive advantage is a holistic approach to the organization. While implementing Lean Manufacturing projects we try to see the broader business context –  the impact of our actions not only on the outcome but also on other areas of the company operation. We focus not only on hard components (processes, tools, knowledge) but also on people, their attitudes, motivation, skills. That is why we simultaneously increase the safety and effectiveness of projects!

Typical needs and challenges to which we respond:

  • reduction of manufacturing costs
  • production optimization
  • increase of the overall production efficiency
  • improvement of productivity in points and selected manufacturing processes
  • solving the problem of excessive waste
  • freeing of resources –  time, labor and materials
  • safe passage through the process of change (business optimization)
  • improvement of production and resources planning
  • effective production levelling, organization of assembly / manufacturing clusters
  • ensuring maximum machine utilization
  • stabilization and standardization of processes (flow of materials, work on the line, balancing the line).

Let's talk about 
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Lean Manufacturing Tools:

We apply the following methods to implement many projects:

  • 5S - a universal method for work standardization, systematic learning and the pursuit of excellence. It is based on five steps: Selection, Systematics, Cleaning, Standardization and Self-discipline.
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) – it helps to identify and analyse the actual flow (of physical elements, materials and information) in the production areas.
  • Six Sigma – a method used for data acquiring, processing and measurement in order to achieve the maximum quality of the manufactured product. Its philosophy is based on the 5 steps of DMAIC. It supports the modelling of organizational culture focused on quality improvement.
  • SMED (Single Minutes Exchange of Die) – a method (Shigeo Shingo) for shortening machine changeover time by maximum reduction of activities performed during the changeover.

Is 'Lean' good for everyone?

Experience gained by 4Results indicates that the Lean Manufacturing may be useful in every production company that applies established production processes. However every company is different - it has its own culture and business model. Therefore, although Lean methods and tools are well-defined, we approach each case individually, trying to perceive the business target in its widest context.

Typical situations for applying Lean Manufacturing:

  • a diagnosis/audit of production processes recommends applying Lean solutions in specific processes (e.g. reducing machine set-up/changeover time) or when an external partner is needed to implement specific Lean Manufacturing tools;
  • a company wants to implement KAIZEN philosophy in its organization;
  • a company is looking for a partner to carry out the productivity analysis of its plant, followed by the implementation of specific recommendations;
  • a company needs a partner for managing the company's organizational change that aims at increased safety (safe reduction strategy / safe development strategy / production optimization strategy) - the partner will help to balance the competency deficiencies in the process of improving the production and will support the company through the change process;
  • a company wants to increase its productivity with minimal investment - it does not want to enlarge its machinery fleet or hire new employees;
  • increased orders require a company to revise its approach and optimally use its current potential, simultaneously increasing safety of changes implemented in the process of developing the company;
  • a board of Directors or managers of a company are looking for "sparring partner" to discover (e.g. as a result of workshop activities) the potential of the organization, including directions and areas for Lean Manufacturing.

Check also other solutions that we use in production areas:

QRM – (Quick Response Manufacturing) - it is an effective method to optimize production and shorten the lead times in companies with small production volumes and in unit production

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) – a program designed to improve production efficiency by developing a sustainable Culture of Diligence applied to look after to the company's property, machines and equipment. A company implementing TPM eliminates any kind of loss, minimizes the number of failures, reduces the risk of accidents and quality defects and at the same time it improves its productivity and quality of manufactured products.