QRM is the most effective method of shortening the lead time

Quick Response Manufacturing can revolutionize the modelling and management of manufacturing processes. That method is particularly recommended for any organization producing in the Low Volume / High Mix model (numerous components are necessary to manufacture the product) as well as producing custom– made products or manufacturing short series.

What do we offer and where is the greatest value?

4Results is the only company in Poland capable of conducting a comprehensive optimization and implementation QRM project. We offer comprehensive assistance at the stage of analysis, optimization program development and implementation of the method in the area of production to achieve lasting results. Additionally, we offer necessary training and methods of working with people

The course of the project:

1. Analysis – cooperation with the board:

  • We begin by examining the current state of the organization. Among others things, we conduct Live Job Mapping which aims at mapping the stages of order realization (including complaints) in the entire organization.

  • We design the desired future state.

  • We present recommendations and tailor– made project proposal, including a time– frame for its implementation.

2. Optimization project implementation is effected on two levels:

  • in terms of hard aspects we implement this method in practical action,

  • in terms of soft aspects we work with people, we prepare staff and management to work in the new, effective model.

Implementation strives to train the organization to independently use competencies to maintain sustainable results. The customer should apply this method with our minimum involvement.

The implementation project includes:

  • Customer team preparation (including workshops on QRM and Change Management methods)

  • implementation stage, accompanied by soft skills training in the following aspects: team building, communication and team collaboration,

  • changing the structure of the organization into rapid response units: Q-ROC and Q-RMC ( Quick Response Office Cell, Quick Response Manufacturing Cell)

  • restructuring of the manufacturing system using various methods,

  • implementation of necessary hard tools: MCT ( Manufacturing Critical-Path Time), Management Model and POLCA tool,

  • knowledge management based on the competency model, QRM number, HL-MRP tool, skills and competencies management and training of internal trainers. Building a knowledge base and knowledge sharing environment.

We ensure safe and effective execution of the project
Implementation strives to develop concrete results while maintaining the maximum level of safety of the project. We lead the whole process of change (support at the level of the board, management and employees).

We conduct a pilot implementation prior to a roll-out across the whole organization.

3. Training is part of the implementation project. The training offer includes the following programs:

  • Introduction to the method and MCT tool (2 days)

  • The organizational structure in QRM (1 day)

  • The implementation of the project (1 day)

  • POLCA tool (2 days)

 Our training may also be used by companies which do not conduct QRM projects.

When to use –typical situations:

This is an effective method, bringing spectacular results for the customer in key areas. Typical situations in which is works best:

  • the need to build competitive advantage through shorter turnaround time (lead time),

  • the company, for various reasons, does not realize orders on time, lead time is long,

  • the company is receiving more and more orders and the preferred scenario is to shorten the lead time with minimal investment (in machinery and new jobs).

QRM effectively solves each of these problems in piece production or in High Mix / Low Volume model.


Do you know that:

  • 90% of time in piece and small batch production is a pure loss...

  • In Quick Response Manufacturing projects the reduction of realization time (lead time) can reach up to 80% ...

  • by shortening the lead time, you also reduce costs and increase quality.


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