We repeatedly encounter situations in which management wants to confront their own strategy with an external partner. Even the most experienced leaders and strategists seek opinion, advice or a "fresh look", or just want to take advantage of expert support. 

We offer different possibilities for working with managements, boards and business owners:

1. Strategic workshops – an effective way to clarify the vision, strategy and planning of targets. Workshops make it possible to model the tactics of market operations and support the development of solutions to facing challenges.

2. Expert Coaching for a marketing or sales director is a form of individual support for the area manager. We know from experience that this kind of coaching sessions directly translate into:

  • faster development of the leader in the function he/she performs,
  • change of habits to fit relevant functions and responsibilities,
  • better focus on business goals,
  • effectiveness in achieving results.

3. Expert – sparring partner – we provide customers with the opportunity to work with an experienced expert and practitioner (not necessarily associated with 4Results), e.g. from another business. "Sparrings" may take the form of individual meetings or support for the team.

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Michał Paradowski