The 15th World QRM Conference summary report

Between the 6th and 9th June 2016, The InterContinental Hotel hosted the most significant event dedicated to implementation of the QRM method – 15th World Conference. For the last 14 years, the Conference has been held in the USA, therefore, we are proud to be the first European company to organize such a unique event.

The conference gathered 180 visitors from 10 countries, who were interested in extending their knowledge and learning even more from those are already using QRM.

Rajan Suri was the special guest of the conference – QRM method creator and author of the book "It’s About Time".

The seminars organized on the first day of the conference were to introduce the world of QRM strategies and tools to all the conference participants. The seminars presented as well how QRM helps to reduce the lead time of customer orders and how companies can implement this strategy. Huge financial benefits should be an effect of a successful QRM launch.

The program of the next two days was composed of exercises, workshops, QRM launch case studies, and it was the time when 35 high level managers of different companies from all over the world  were talking about their QRM experience. Thanks to that, the participants were able to understand challenges and benefits of using various solutions that have already been developed.

An evening banquet was one of the top highlights of the conference. It started from granting The Best QRM 2015 Launch trophies for the companies Lovink and Ellert.

This ceremony was followed by the next highlight – jazz band concert combined with an interactive workshop presenting and analogy between QRM team and jazz band, as well as the importance of communication and cooperation between the team members, and skills development that are basing on cross-training and wise leadership.

The final point of the conference program was the last day with guided plant tours to our clients – Alrec and Mago. Conference visitors could have seen for themselves all the solutions and the best practices adapted to daily lives of those companies.