Training and coaching


4Results business training is an indispensable part of our development and optimization programs, in which Client's people have always played a key role –  their attitudes, commitment, habits, knowledge and competences.

We have a rich catalogue of proprietary training programs aimed at: 

  • development of soft managerial skills (leadership, management) and skills necessary at operational positions,
  • expanding hard knowledge necessary for the proper implementation of optimization programs.

Training is shaped individually (scope of training content) to suit customer requirements and his/her situation on the basis of ready program concepts that worked well in business practice.

We offer training in areas, which on the one hand, cover the strategic areas of business activity, on the other hand, respond to all development needs of customers in the course of implementation of our optimization programs:

  • leadership and management
  • team building, communication
  • sales and marketing
  • efficient production
  • motivation, effectiveness
  • efficient operations, continuous improvement of the organization

We also offer attractive programs in THE OPEN TRAINING FORMULA.


Business coaching

We also offer mentoring and coaching programs to uncover the strengths of people, help them in overcoming personal barriers and constraints when they strive to reach their goals as well as to facilitate their more effective functioning inside a team. Mentoring and Coaching focus on the solution (and not on the search for the causes of problems); they promote the development of new strategies for thinking and acting. Consequently, one can observe an increase of energy and commitment.

Production support

  • Mapping: VSM, eVSM, MCT, MIFA
  • Balancing and Self– Balancing
  • 5S Event and 5S Program
  • SMED
  • Standard Work and TWI
  • Introduction to QRM and MCT tool
  • The organizational structure in QRM
  • Implementation to QRM and POLCA tool
  • Introduction to TPM
  • TPM Strategic Workshop and Strategy Cascading
  • Self– Service (Jishu– Hozen)
  • Planned Maintenance (Keikaku– Hozen)
  • Focused Improvements (Kobetzu Kaizen)
  • Knowledge Management (Education & Training)
  • Cost Deployment
  • Leadership in Safety
  • Quality Management (Hinshitzu Hozen)

Human development

  • Habits of an Effective Leader
  • LVI Versatile Leadership (Leadership Versatility Model)
  • LVI (Leadership Versatility Index) – 360 methodology
  • Engaging Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring for managers
  • Team Management –  C.G. Jung's behaviour style colours
  • Team Management –  workshop for Leaders
  • Team Building –  Foundation
  • Team Diagnostic Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Self– management in the process of change
  • Personal effectiveness
  • "Smarter Way" personal performance management system
  • Effectiveness under stress / in difficult situations

Sales and Marketing

  • SMOK–  Simulation Game, Sales and Marketing Beat Competition
  • Marketing in practice
  • Marketing research
  • Display of products on the shelf
  • Trade marketing
  • Press materials, relations with the media
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Contemporary selling techniques
  • New customer acquisition
  • Present day shop assistant, analyst or trader?
  • Effective sales presentation
  • How to talk to a merchant in retail chains?
  • Contemporary commercial negotiations
  • Sales techniques
  • Optimal customer service
  • Organisation of working time
  • Standards of sale
  • Product portfolio management
  • Effective sales manager
  • Motivating to develop and rewarding for results
  • Finance for board members
  • Adjusting organizational structures to market needs

Business Services and Processes

  • Building a sustainable competitive advantage of a service centre


Production and Logistics

Martyna Hómin




Human development

Martyna Marczak




Sales and Marketing

Barbara Stefańska




Business Services and Processes

Krzysztof Pimpicki





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