4 Results – a consulting and training company


We are here to provide the result – to transform the current business situation into the reality you expect, and to do all that effectively, without risk, in an optimal way.

We operate on many levels: from the area of production, though sales and marketing processes, and ending with the organization of activities and the development of people.

We are able to effectively influence the business at all levels of the organization –  from the board to the operational staff.

We are distinguished by a broad approach to challenges and exceptional commitment of our team.


We are a unique group of people who share a common goal: to improve, reorganize and develop these businesses that actually seek solutions and want to change.

We share not only experiences and knowledge, but above all, the desire to continually improve: both, our customers and the methods we use.

Implementations are our passion, that is why we personally participate in implementing changes in companies and take responsibility for the results of these actions. Therefore, we are not only a consulting and training company, but a business partner who strategically and operationally supports the Customer and who can translate vision into action. What makes us stand out from other consulting companies is our focus on long– lasting business results and high ROI –  investment in 4Results projects constitutes maximum 10%– 25% of gained value.


What counts for us is a resolution of the Customer's problem –  real, actual help in a specific situation.

To be effective, we talk, we recognize and analyse the situation.

Then, we present a solution. Optimal one.

We provide the best, experienced people to implement the project.

We carry out projects in a transparent manner, based on the time schedule, work cost estimate and specific methodology.

We deliver results in the most optimal way possible while ensuring the safety of the project and Your company.



Our philosophy is to provide help in running a business.


We know that: 

every business can work better (Yours too) ... 

... every organization is a complex structure of interacting elements (you have to remember that when implementing change) ...

... many companies are looking for solutions and support in their current situation (to improve their performance and market position)... 

... one needs to want to change for the better (which is needed for fruitful cooperation).


Let us know what your situation and challenges are and we will effectively respond
because to us it is the end result that counts –  Your result.



we support Customer's employees in developing optimum solutions, we provide them with know-how and tools so that they could become real "owners" of these assets


we implement solutions fully tailored to Customers' needs and their stage of development


we combine hard and soft aspects of the business, we select the right tools and methods, giving leverage in the implemented changes


we provide a comprehensive team of experts –  consultants, developers, trainers, experts and coaches, with many years of experience in business
and delivering services for business

Strategic partners

Rajan Suri

Creator of QRM method, founder of Center for Quick Response Manufacturing

Jacek Santorski

founder of values advisory companies